Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hat With Flower

Here's my second hat! This is a side view (with the back toward the right of the picture). I'm actually encouraging a little roll on the edge as I like the way it looks in this case.


Shawn said...

Your hat and flower look really cute! Was the flower hard to do? I'm a beginning knitter and go for the EASY patterns! I like to read knitting blogs to see what others are knitting. I don't have a blog, just xanga. Blessings, Shawn

knittin'_kitten said...

The flower was really easy and fun to do. The pattern I used was in Sirdar #319 which can be found at McA Direct - Sirdar #319.
I am a beginner knitter too and blogs are a great resource.
Let me know if you start a blog, so I can visit it!