Thursday, June 29, 2006

Garden and Dog Pics

It's quite dim and foggy out and we've had a little rain, but I've been out enjoying the garden today. My husband saw a hummingbird this morning and I was hoping it would come back so I could see it. I think it will like these bee balm flowers:

The hollyhocks are looking pretty.

And the bush bean plants are getting quite large.

Saffy kept flopping down in front of me as I walked around. I guess she wanted me to rub her tummy, but I didn't really want to rub a soggy dog!

Silas just wanted to play with his toys and hoped Saffy would chase him. (His paws got wet from the ground and his toenails look enormous here! They really aren't that huge looking in person!!)

I bought Knitscene Fall 2006 at Barnes and Noble last night. I love #13, #18 and #25!

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Debby said...

I am going to get Knitscene tonight if I can find a copy. I'm curious to see what you like -- maybe after the Amazing Lace we could knit a project together?