Saturday, August 06, 2011

Roasted Tomatillo and Tomato Salsas

Friday, I made the first batches of salsa this summer.

Here are the ingredients, minus the onion, garlic, lime and salt. I used a lot of Fooled You Jalapenos for pepper flavor and added the Garden Salsas in for heat (and flavor too!). Mine are hotter than expected this year! I think it's because the weather has been so hot and dry.

I had to roast things in three batches so they would fit on the pan ok. Here are the tomatoes, garlic cloves in their papers and the 3 early tomatillos.

The peppers, halved, with stems and seeds removed, ready to roast until a little blackened and very soft.

The onions having their turn. (I had guesstimated too many and set aside about 4 wedges for something else.)

In the food processor, I pulsed together the tomatillos, 1/4 of a Garden Salsa pepper and 1/2 a Jalapeno and a small clove of garlic. Isn't that easy? It is tasty and quite hot!

Then, I switched over to making the tomato salsa. I pulsed the tomatoes in two batches and added them to a big mixing bowl. Then, I pulsed the garlic and onions and added those to the tomatoes. Then, I pulsed all the Jalapenos and added them to the mix. Finally, I pulsed all the Garden Salsa peppers, but only added some to taste. I reserved the rest in a separate bowl, so we can add more after it's sat for awhile and blended--if we want more heat. At the very end, I stirred in a little salt and the juice of one lime. Cilantro would be a perfect addition to add in at the end too. Unfortunately, I got the timing wrong and my early Cilantro went to seed and my next crop is not far enough along! Ack!!!

This will be great for snacking on all weekend!

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