Thursday, August 04, 2011

More Tomatoes

I have to make some more sauce for the freezer! I love using all the varieties for flavor, but there were a bunch of plum types underneath the others to help thicken the sauce. Can you find the smallest tomato? It is a Yellow Mini, but unusually small compared with the others from that plant. It's in the foreground, next to the biggest, a Brandy Boy tomato.

Here is a closeup showing some Yellow Pears, a Red Lightning and a Purple Plum.

I didn't have enough room on the tray for all the Cherry tomatoes, so here are even more!


Thomas said...

I can't wait until we get this many. We are down to 4 jars of tomato sauce from last year. It's nice not having to buy tomato sauce from the supermarket anymore.

2paw said...

You have such a wide variety, that tiny one is too small to eat, it would be cruel!!!