Monday, August 22, 2011

Pickled Hot Pepper Rings

With too much to do today, I changed my mind about which canning recipe to do next. I used a different book than yesterday called Put 'Em Up! to make a very simple batch of Pickled Chile Peppers. This recipe involves no spices and is flavored only by a sweet-sour brine.

I think they will be especially nice for adding to sandwiches, but one can use this sort of pickled pepper on salads, pizzas or Mexican style food too.

I picked a bowl of yellow Mariachi peppers from the garden thinking their fruity heat would make a nice pickle.

I stemmed and cored them and cut them into rings. This is about 10 cups, not packed tightly.

The rings were packed into hot, sterilized pint jars and covered with boiling brine. Then, they were capped and processed in a boiling water bath. 5 pints in all.

They did float a bit, but it's hard to avoid, especially with cold packing.


2paw said...

I have never had pickles peppers, but when I was little we made pickled onions!! Your jars look so cute!!

jackodn said...

we've grown Mariachis for the first time, and got a nice bounty. I tried to make some pickled but was underwhelmed with my effort. Care to share a recipe with a former Rhode Island boy?