Monday, August 15, 2011

Red Hot Sauce

We had some cool, rainy weather today, so what did I do? Canned--and heated the house right back up again!

In torrential rain, I picked plum tomatoes and Cherry Bomb peppers.

I washed and chopped them and started cooking them in vinegar until softened.

Then, I ran them through the food mill, added salt, sugar, spices and boiled them some more. After about a half hour, I added more vinegar before boiling it for the last half hour until it was the right consistency. The vapors really cleared my head, LOL!

At last, I filled jars and put them in the boiling water bath. The recipe made 4 half pints plus a little leftover to put in the fridge to use right away.

This recipe is from the Ball Blue Book (1999 edition) and it was the first time I'd tried making it. It's kind of like a spicy ketchup, though not as thick as a ketchup. It would shake out of a typical hot sauce bottle very nicely, but I can't can in those. It should be very good on eggs! Next time, I might reduce the amount of salt a bit.

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2paw said...

It is blowing a gale here and teeming with rain, we had roast chicken for tea, but it was 15* this morning, a veritable heat wave. Your sauce looks delicious, but I had never thought of hot sauce on eggs. It sounds interesting!!