Friday, August 05, 2011


More pepper varieties are ripening now. As you've no doubt noticed, we have already been picking Mariachi, Fooled You Jalapeno, Garden Salsa and Cherry Bomb.

Now, I have tested a Big Bertha green bell and found it quite ripe. I think the biggest ones can be picked at this point as there is no bitterness, though if I leave some on the plants they will probably develop more sweetness and, I might get some to turn red.

Thankfully, it is easy to see when the Yellow Minis are ripe. They are wonderful, prolific sweet peppers. It is my first year growing them, but I will plant them again!

I have one Cayenne plant this year and I picked some a little before they went completely red. I always have a problem with Cayenne. As soon as they start to get really ripe, the ends go soft and then dry in a yucky way that you can see on one pepper in the picture. I don't know what causes this and have figured it is due to our damp, coastal climate. I suppose it could be blossom end rot, but it's strange that I so rarely see it on any other peppers. If anyone has ideas about this, please let me know!

Just a close up to show off those pretty yellow peppers!

For dinner, I sauteed the peppers with some Asian eggplant.

And then combined them with some pasta tossed with my mascarpone cheese sauce. I forgot to take a picture until I'd already served a bunch! We were just so eager to start eating it. It was delicious and the sweetness of the peppers really worked well.

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