Sunday, August 07, 2011

Even More Tomatoes!

Yesterday, I picked the most tomatoes yet, 2 trugs worth, and froze 13 bags!

This pic is just to demonstrate how I bag the tomato puree/sauce for freezing. I arrange the bags upright in a box, so they all end up about the same shape and can be handled and thawed easily when the time comes. After they freeze, I simply empty the box for the next batch.

We are finally getting a little rain which I hope will revive the lawn and trees. Everything's been looking a little brown and the sunniest parts of the lawn have gotten so dry that it sounds a bit crunchy when you walk over it.


2paw said...

That is such a clever way to freeze the bags. I always do it horizontally, but this way they freeze much more evenly. It is pouring with rain here, luckily it started just as we ended our walk!!

knitseashore said...

You must have a giant freezer to store all of the delicious veggies you grow! Having them during the winter must taste amazing, especially the tomato sauce. My grandmother used to make and freeze her own sauce when I was small, and it was heavenly.

Thomas said...

Thanks for the tip. I'm sure you save tons of freezer space that way. We bought a ton of plastic containers for our homemade sauce. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to utilize them yet this year.