Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weather Set Back

We've had some rainy and/or cooler weather this week that's felt more like fall than spring. In fact, the weatherman specifically said it correlates to average temps for the first week of October. There was a frost warning for two nights and I actually brought 7 flats of tender seedlings like tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers (pictured below) and peppers into the kitchen to make sure I wouldn't lose them.

A lot of other plants I expected to be fine in the barn, cold frame or under the plastic flat covers like these yellow summer squash sprouts.

The only plants I couldn't do anything about were some zucchini and acorn squash already planted out. Although I have row cover fabric to protect from frost, I've never been able to use it because of the wind, so it sits in the barn! In the end, we didn't get frost, but I got more sleep being safe rather than sorry. All the gardening I've done lately is keeping plants safe. After the next rainstorm, I'll get back to work, including potting on more sprouts.

Just in time for the inside activities we bought the complete series of Life on Mars, the UK version. It was gripping and we had a few marathon viewings of it to see the entire thing. We saw the US version on TV last year and enjoyed it. Now we have it on dvd to watch again and compare to the UK version. So far, we think the original version is a bit better, though both are enjoyable. I am so anxious to see the UK spin off show, Ashes to Ashes, but have yet to find a release date for our region. I hope it's soon, they are already airing the third season in the UK!

When I haven't been immersed in Life on Mars, I've been reading a collection of short stories by Peter Robinson, called Not Safe After Dark. It's been out for years, but I got a used copy of it last week. I have a hard time setting it down, but am trying to stretch it out. His next book isn't out until August and I always have withdrawal when I finish his books!

There has been a little knitting on Ross, for Jeff. I am working on the sleeves. Sleeves do drag on, especially men's sleeves!

The front and back sections, shown folded above, have been done for ages! Jeff is excited about it, so that's motivation to keep working.

Of course, further motivation comes from wanting to try new projects! I got a copy of the Sublime book from my spring knitting pattern wish list, so I can start narrowing down my color choices for a pattern or two from that.


2paw said...

I like Peter Robinson too.
I found the US version of LOM was not to my liking, especially the ending, the UK one was my favourite. We have had one season of A2A and I am hoping for the second soon.
You look after your seedling so well!!!

knitseashore said...

Isn't the weather strange? I have a few more plants to put out but it's been too wet for me to go out and get them in the ground. I hope your plants are doing well despite the cold!

I'm not familiar with Life on Mars, but will look it up. I'm enjoying the new season of Foyle's War on PBS.