Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I've been enjoying yesterday's lilac bouquet, so I decided to make another little arrangement today with some delicate blooms from the shady barn foundation bed.

Included are some Sweet Woodruff, Lilies of the Valley, Grape Hyacinth and Bleeding Heart. That bed also has False Solomon's Seal (variegated), Bluebells and a Jack in the Pulpit, though I didn't pick them. It is a nice springtime garden, but it doesn't do much in summer-fall.

Today, I planted out chard, acorn squash and zukes. I also potted on some sprouts in the cold frame and opened up some more jugs for growing seedlings.

While out and about the yard all day I actually saw a lot of butterflies. It seems a little early in the season to see so many, but I'm happy about that! I don't know the names of most without getting out a guidebook, but I did see a yellow Swallowtail among others.