Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Style


I've been on a little seasonal shopping spree! Dogs and gardening can be especially hard on clothes and I needed to replace everything for my tees and jeans lifestyle this summer!

A big sun hat for yard work is a must...this one is from Tar-jay. The construction looks like a sturdy ribbon was sewn together in a spiral. I'll blend with all my bright flowers when I'm out in the yard!

I got all new tees from reliable old L. L. Bean in white, cream, black, clover and blue. (L. L. Bean photo)

And jeans from the Gap without trying them on first...eeekkk! But, success! I am so happy with them! I looked at similar ones last fall in the stores, but heading into cold weather, I didn't like the thin fabric. Now, however, it's just right. "Perfect Boot" and "Real Straight"...lengths for heels and flats. (Gap photo)

And shoes! I'm pretty easy to please with shoes. A couple of new pairs of flip-flops from Tar-jay.

I am eagerly waiting for a shipment with the following two pairs of shoes...stretchy topped sandals by Chinese Laundry ( photo)

and BCBG. ( photo) Hopefully the size and style of both will work out!

I got these sunglasses a month or so ago, but have been saving them for the official start of summer. They are blue tortoise, how fun is that? (Fossil photo)

Like a bower bird, I bonded with this sparkly, blue, summery necklace. Yay for Tar-jay! I've been wearing it every day since. (Target photo)

Home Decor

It seems like every summer, when I am enjoying the best fruit salad, I wish for pretty compotes to serve it in. I found some simple ones along with a matching server at Target. They are really quite pretty, but also seem like they will be durable, which is important in my kitchen! (Target photo)

I'll have to try making some puddings, fools and trifles too.


Lisette said...

Love the pink ribbon hat!

I tried it on at my Target and didn't get it. Now I wish I had!

Happy Summer to you in your pink hat!

knitseashore said...

I love all the new things you've picked out! The wedge sandals are fun and I'm going wear mine, foot be darned! :)