Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saffy and the Carpet Sweeper

I was doing some rainy day cleaning this morning, vintage style. On a whim, I pulled my grandmother's "Bissell's Grand Rapids Bisco-matic" out of the pantry and started carpet sweeping the rugs instead of vacuuming. I guess I hadn't actually done this with the dogs in the house before. It really set them off and Saffy had A LOT to say about it!

Silas just barked, which was really loud on the video, so I cut that part out. After 'talking' to it for a bit, Saffy grabbed one of her toys and seemed to be trying to figure out how to play with the sweeper.

The sweeper dates from the late 1940's and in period ads from newspapers, visible online, it is shown as follows.

And this is the description and price.

My grandmother used it just about every day. It really does work! It even gets the dog hair up, so Saffy and Silas might have to get used to it.


2paw said...

Saffy must be on the same wavelength as Lorelai Gilmore. There were ears and noses and eyes all alert and looking about!! We had a carpet sweeper too when I was little and it was our job to use it. Ours was: green!!!! I should have liked to hear Silas's bark!!!

knitseashore said...

Those are so handy; you wonder why there aren't more modern versions!

Sarah said...

There are modern versions, even made by the same company. But I have the old one since it still works and I'm amused by it being vintage!