Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saffy and the R/C Truck

Saffy is quite curious and tends to treat anything she doesn't really understand like it's some kind of toy for her. When Silas is presented with something he doesn't understand, he usually acts a little spooked and then decides to ignore it like it simply doesn't exist (unless it's the laser pointer which he chases relentlessly!).

We've had this remote control truck for awhile and run it every so often to amuse Saffy. She 'rescues' her toys from it when we are in the house.

She gets some exercise chasing it around outside.

Bandit's reaction to the truck is to flop on his back in front of it! He's a weird cat!

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2paw said...

Saffy rescuing her toys is just the sweetest and funniest thing I have every seen. She's lovely!!!