Saturday, July 07, 2007

My Tour de France KAL Kick Off

I have been so eager to begin my Tour de France KAL project! Finally, the day has arrived!

I began the day with a 30 mile bike ride with Jeff. We rode around Newport and enjoyed the cool, salty breezes. At Brenton Point, people were flying kites of all shapes and colors. The beaches were a blur of bright colors from all the bathers and you could hardly see any sand!

After biking and lunch, I started my TdFKAL project, a summery top called ‘Holiday Romance’. Getting started was pretty easy. The pattern didn't suggest a cast on method to use, but I could see that the one pictured was done using the cable cast on, so I went with that. In the hot weather today, I drank a lot of iced vanilla lattes, shown in the picture. The latte color kind of matches my yarn!

Later, Jeff brought home some sweets and they were packaged in this little box decorated with a chef on a unicycle!

Do you think the chef aspires to be a domestique?

Sadly, the television stations we receive do not cover the Tour, but the local news did mention it as part of the sport report and showed a tiny bit of footage from London.

Just click on the labels 'Pattern: Holiday Romance' or 'TdFKAL' below if you would like to access my previous post that contains more information about the pattern and yarn!


Kristen said...

The yarn has such a nice sheen, and does match your latte! I was eager to cast on my KAL project too - have fun!

2paw said...

What a fabulous KAL for you., and I especially love that you cycled before you started your knitting!! The latte does match!! I ahve cast on for the TdF KAL this afternoon: I think I was late for the start!!!

Christina said...

thanks for the comments on my blog. Looks like you're a bit ahead of me in the cycling stakes!! ;) The yarn looks lovely, great project.

Devorah said...

What a lovely sheen to the yarn. That is going to be beautiful when it is done.

Cecile said...

What a great pattern and I love the yarn. It will be fun to see it come together. You will model it when it's finished, right?

My hsuband and I bought Trek bikes about 2 years ago and had done some cycling on trails around here, not 30 miles. But our bikes were stolen out of our garage last Friday, so we aren't doing any biking this weekend. :-(

Thanks for psoting on my blog!