Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Holiday Romance Update and More Cycling

Sunday afternoon, we finally got to see some televised coverage of the Tour. CBS offered a 1 hour recap of the first week. It was very exciting to finally see more than still shots or the tiny clips occasionally included in the local news sport report!

I’m keeping up with my knitting for the Tour de France KAL. The sleeves are knit as part of the back and front pieces, so it is necessary to make a series of increases at the underarm. The pattern notes suggested working into the front and back of a stitch at each end. I started doing that, but didn’t care for the way it looked. If it was increases on just the right side, it would have been fine, but doing the increases every row made it look too busy. I frogged that and decided to go with the right and left slant M1 increases. They seem to be ok. I won’t really be able to tell for sure how much I like it until I get it seamed at the very end, but it should be ok as they are mostly hidden.

Assuming I don't decide to frog and change the neckline decreases, one section is now done. After you finish with the underarm sleeve shaping, you soon begin shaping the neck opening. The pattern directs you to do the shaping on the edge stitches and the picture seems to show that. They direct you to do k2tog and p2tog regardless of the side of the neck you are on. This is what I've done for the time being. I keep thinking that there has to be a neater/directional way to do this... However it's done, it has to be possible to pick up and knit the neckband along this edge! (Perhaps I overthink the shaping, but it's really been on my mind lately and I'm at a standstill on another project over how/where to do the shaping especially as it has such an effect on the seaming later on. This seems to be the biggest hurdle in learning to knit!)

I have kept the shoulder stitches 'live' for now on holders. Later, I think it may be possible to join the shoulder seams using the three needle bind off technique. The center neckline stitches are also kept 'live' for joining to the lace edging later. Yes, that’s my bike in the background!

After watching the Tour coverage, Jeff felt a bit more daring on his bike and balanced with no hands! As stable as the road bikes are, I'm not too thrilled with this! I do not need to see a close up view of 'road rash'! My injuries from 2 mountain biking falls last summer were gross enough.

After riding in direct sun for most of the ride, it was a relief to find some shade.


Kristen said...

You are putting a lot of thought and care into your project and it shows.
I used to ride no hands all the time as a kid. What happened? I do go one-handed to give the hands/wrists a break, but am leery about no-hands.

Christina said...

Your top looks great, the colour is really nice. I love the look of your bike, I must save up for a proper road bike!! and labs are my favourite dogs, my cousin has one. I've never been able to ride with no hands, I'd just tip over all the time ;)

2paw said...

Your knitting is so smooth and gorgeous!! It is looking spectacular!!