Monday, July 16, 2007

Labrador = Lap Dog?

Well, Saffy believes she is a lap dog. Fortunately, she is a relatively petite lab at around 55 pounds. She loves to cuddle in the evenings.

Saffy's smile.

It gets a little hot this time of year with all the fur and panting too!


2paw said...

Oh, Saffy looks so cute and happy: I can see she still believes she is 'lap' size!! Peri has a bigger mass than that but she still thinks she is a tiny puppy too and wants to sit on me!!!

Kristen said...

Aaaw, she's just a big puppy.

mr. franken-head said...

About the frankenstein hair - it was HOT and extremely muggy that evening, and Saff had just knocked my hat off, too.