Tuesday, July 31, 2007

'Holiday Romance' Debut!

This is my last 2007 TdFKAL post. I'm already looking forward to 2008! We have lots of time to dream up project ideas!

Here is 'Holiday Romance'!

I'd planned to have Jeff take some pics of me wearing my new top, but we haven't had the chance yet, so I experimented with the self timer feature on the camera. This will have to do! Sorry for the headless shot, but there wasn't room to get further back from where I was balancing the camera. Anyway, considering I didn't do hair and makeup, it is just as well ;-)

Thank you to my blog friends for your comments lately. Your kind words definitely help motivate me to keep up the effort on my knitting and cycling!


sprite said...

Congratulations! It looks tres magnifique!

Kristen said...

Holiday Romance looks fantastic on you- great job!

Ina said...

Felicitations! Holiday Romance looks great!

Incidentally, I was fiddling with the timer on my digicam and gave up. Your photo is terrific!

Devorah said...

Excellent! Both the top and the fact that you were able to photograph yourself!

hege said...

Congratulations! It looks wonderful on you!

Debby said...

It looks gorgeous!!! And the fit came out perfect!!!

Congratulations on such a great sweater!!!!

Meg said...

Bravo on a perfect finish!
And happy birthday!