Monday, July 09, 2007

Happy Dogs

Jeff doesn't even have to get up from the chair to exercise Silas! We have a red plastic gizmo that lets you pick up the slobbery tennis ball without having to touch it and then you can easily fling the ball a long way. Silas never takes his eyes off the ball!

Silas is in mid spin here as he turns to run for the ball that Jeff is flinging.

Saffy thinks all the running around is a bit much on a hot day. She is my little shadow and follows me around the yard while I look at the flowers and take pictures.


Kristen said...

What will they think of next - that's a great solution for those disgusting tennis balls!

Devorah said...

What a great device! Those slobbery balls are just gross to us non-dog owers.

2paw said...

Aren't Silas and Saffy so different?? What fun the tennis ball thrower is, we have those here though I don't have one. Saffy reminds me of a Victorian young lady with her interest in flowers and you!!! I bought Harki and Peri squealy toys yesterday and they squeaked away for hours....good thing I love them!!!