Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dinner, French Style

Since I’m participating in the Tour de France KAL, I am trying to think of French things to incorporate into my daily life, like recipes. One of my favorites is for galette, a simple rustic tart that can be made savory or sweet.

The dough for this one is made with flour, cornmeal, butter, water and sour cream. I quickly combine everything in the food processor. It is a very soft dough and not the easiest to make in hot weather! I made it early in the day so it would have a long time to chill in the fridge before I tried to roll it out. The parchment paper helped a lot too.

Today, I decided to make savory galettes and filled them with mozzarella cheese and sliced Roma tomatoes. (Other times, I have made sweet ones using blueberries, raspberries or plums.) Here are the baked tarts along with some fresh oregano and sage from my garden.

The recipe is from a book called Baking With Julia.

I’m not sure what French inspired meal I will make next, but I think I have to try this soon (click on picture from BBC Good Food for recipe):

If you try it, let me know how it turns out!

Btw, the local news surprised me again with another snippet of footage from today’s racing. They showed a rather horrendous crash!


Meg said...

Good on you for the galettes! I have recipes for two different galettes from the cooking segments of my local tv Tour coverage (I'll link to it on the TDF blog shortly) that I've been meaning to try for ages!

knitseashore said...

I envy your having time to do some fun cooking and also working on your tour project! I've knitted some on mine but mostly we have been packing. I'll have to ask for the recipe when we move!!

Kristen said...

You have really gotten into l'esprit de la Tour! The galettes look delicious.

Devorah said...

Yummy! So, do you think you can cook French every night during the Tour?