Friday, December 10, 2010

Random Update

Christmas preparations are coming along nicely. I just have a few more presents to get and cards to write out and then I can start on grocery lists for some special meals and baking. Although some boxes are shipped directly from the sources, others I prepare myself and include homemade canned goods from our garden. You can see it's time to go to the post office!! I will be happy to have the space back in my dining room and be able to get to the drinks cabinet again, which is the right half of the server. With this cold weather, one needs a warming nip of something! Perhaps the dogs should start carrying brandy flasks on our walks?!

We have been walking most days and only see a few other people out there. By 'see' I mean there are bodies wrapped head to toe with no skin showing and muffled 'hellos'! The dogs really stare at people in balaclavas. Yesterday, one guy was obviously worried we would be scared of him in his full face mask and from quite a distance started saying hello and that he was not trying to scare anyone, LOL! I think you can sense the cold from the picture--that is the *mid-day* sun taken today!

Jeff has such a bad cold and has just about lost his voice. The dogs are giving him no respect!! They think he sounds like a squeaky toy and don't do anything he tells them to. If I catch it too, they will really be doing anything they please! We know they can hear a whisper and understand hand gestures, but they deliberately play stupid! They are so naughty sometimes!

Jeff and I have a tradition of holiday Scrabble games. Yesterday, Jeff bought us a fancy new board that rotates! It is black and silver and sparkles in the Christmas lights. We tried it out last night and it must have brought me luck. In one of my last few moves, I got rid of a pesky Q by playing quagmire on a triple word score. That, combined with the bonus for using all 7 tiles got me 101 points!!

P.S. I uploaded a new blog banner picture. It's a carved swan ornament on our tree.


2paw said...

Poor Jeff, those pups are very wicked I'll bet they have a twinkle in their eyes. You are very prepared with all your boxes!! I think your new banner is very festive.
Well done with your Scrabble score and fantastic use of the Q!!!

Anonymous said...

Playing Scrabble is one of my favorite holiday traditions, too... why is it this time of year makes you want to slow down a little and spend some time playing games with family members? My 11 year old son knocked my socks off one time with the words "jobs" and "virgins" intersecting on a triple word score. I think it was 140 points or so and he just stopped the game on that one. Kinda wanted to go out on a good note, I guess.