Sunday, December 26, 2010

1st Real Snow of the Season

It's been snowing steadily since about 9am and we are staying snug at home, but it is fun to venture out to the yard with the dogs. Saffy races at top speed to get out behind the barn to the play area. (Btw, I forgot to blog it on the day, but Saffy turned 11 years old this week! Not that you would guess that from her behaviour--like you see in the pics!)

They can find the balls in the snow and they they race and crash and slide around.

Sometimes when you see the photos after, it takes a moment or two to figure out where the legs are and what direction they are going!

Silas often looks like a silhouette on snowy days.

There is one sunflower I left standing in the garden. After it had been there awhile, Jeff and I realized that it reminded both of us of a lamppost...kind of like the lone lamppost in Narnia!

Speaking of the garden, I have been spending some of today browsing through seed catalogs for the new year. Soon, I will get out a pad of paper and work out a few seed orders and think about starting seeds and this year's garden layout.


Snazzystitch said...

Oh it looks like your doggies are having great fun in their winter wonderland! I am jealous of your snow, we hardly ever get any where I live in California :)

2paw said...

Happy Birthday Saffy, my word, I would never have guessed 11!!! She and Harki are/wee almost the same age just a fortnight apart!!!
I love your snow photos, and Silas looks especially distinguished in the snow!!
Yes, it looks exactly like Narnia, we saw a lamp post the other day, all by itself, looking Narnia-y too!!!