Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

It is hard to be sick on Christmas! But we usually have a laid back xmas, so we don't feel like we were are really missing out, we are just tired of being sick and tired! I tried to give us healing food for dinner last night: soup! It's made with tomatoes from our garden, spinach and tortellini. We sprinkled parm on top.

We had zucchini bread for breakfast.

We all opened our pressies this morning. Bandit got treats and catnip. Saffy got a 'funky chicken' and Silas got a rope toy with some leather braided into it. In this video, Saffy takes the rope from Silas and then if you are watching closely, you will see that Silas sneaks in and grabs the chicken! They always want what the other one gets!

Of course, I took a lot of stills too. Here is Silas opening his present. He needs encouragement, but eventually gets it open!

Saffy is excited when it is her turn.

She needs no help or encouragement at all!

Before she plays with 'funky chicken', she has to finish shredding the paper.

Paper is the 'enemy'!!! Destroy!!!

Later, one has to see what the other dog has and steal it. Saffy with the rope.

Silas with the funky chicken.

Jeff gave me some really special Emma Bridgewater pottery for Christmas. The little jug is so sweet and will match some cherry plates and cereal bowls exactly and mix and match with some other motifs.

This is the Hellebore comport for serving up some sweet treats. I have a lot of other Hellebore pieces to use this with. I love this pattern and was so surprised to get a comport as they are discontinued in this motif.

And, meet Pip and Penny!! My beautiful spotty terriers!!! They are placed on top of my computer cabinet where I see them all the time. I love them--in fact I want to squeal with happiness when I look at them =)

I was so lucky to get these and some other lovely things like fleece mitts, lotion/lip gloss, soaps, stove top espresso maker, and two knitting books. They are both Rowan books. One of them is a collection of Studio designs from issues I don't have...a kind of 'best of' and they are actually the ones I like a lot. And the other is a Martin Storey book called Nordic Knits. I think this is probably a compilation too, as one or two patterns are familiar, but all the others are new to me for sure.

Jeff mostly got books along with a couple CD's and video games, so he is happy too! Best of all, he has a nice long vacation. I'm sure he will spend some of it mastering the new games.

Normally, we would go biking or hiking today, but with the sickness, I think we will stay warm and cozy indoors. I hope everyone else is having a good time and I look forward to seeing what Santa brought you!


2paw said...

That is such a funny video, Saffy wears her Christmas paper cape so stylishly!! And Silas has her number, he's a clever clogs!!!
Gilly just acquires things before they are wrapped to save a whole step.
I hope you are both feeling well again soon. It is awful to be unwell at Christmas.

Lisette said...

Lucky you to receive EB's adorable spotty dogs and other EB treausres.
You must have been a good girl this year!