Thursday, December 02, 2010


Yesterday, the UPS truck rumbled up and stopped out front, which incited lots of eager barking, as you can imagine! There were 2 boxes! One contained my prize from the Martha & Me blog, a set of Martha Stewart snowflake paper punches that I am looking forward to trying. I just need to get some festive paper to work with and I can make some pretty xmas tags.

The other box, was from Emma Bridgewater in England, and contained a set of 3 mini mug candles. I love the patterns and the blue stars will go next to my red stripes to look patriotic in my kitchen, on the shelf that also has a couple of Union Jack pieces. The scent is wonderful! I hadn't smelled it before, so it was a complete surprise. I loved it when I opened the box and the scent wafted out. It is orange and geranium. I think it is like a fancy scented geranium, with a little bit of clove as well.

The big prezzie, is this large polka dot baking dish. I christened it last night, though I didn't have anything very inspired lined up for was Ikea Swedish meatballs! We had them with mashed potatoes, winter squash from the garden and that Ikea gravy and jelly.

Soon, I plan to bake up a batch of ziti using a recipe from The America's Test Kitchen 10 year book and a batch of spinach manicotti from a recent issue of Everyday Food magazine. I am in a pasta mood, can you tell?! It will certainly look beautiful!


2paw said...

Oh I can't wait to see your punched efforts!!
Do you have lots of different scented geraniums?? There are lots here, I like the mint 'flavoured' flowers!!
That is a lovely dish and your dinner sounds perfectly delicious: it's all summery food here. I might have to have something wintry later on.

Lisette said...

Lucky you...
it must have felt like Christmas opening those boxes.

Love your EB baker!

knitseashore said...

I love the polka dots! It is going to be so much fun making dinner with that dish.

Let me know how the spinach manicotti works out -- that recipe looked good to me too!