Sunday, December 05, 2010

Feeling Festive

I feel like we 'kicked off' the Christmas Season this weekend, starting with a fun surprise birthday party for a friend on Friday.

Saturday, Jeff and I went to Bellevue Avenue in Newport to look in some of the shops. I was specifically looking for local stockists of Emma Bridgewater pottery, but as I suspected, they have not been there for years, although references to them remain online. It would have been fun to find EB in a store display, but I am sure I get the best deals ordering from the source when they have sales or coupons. There were other nice shops to look in and I was able to find a couple of Christmas presents for people on my list.

At one shop, the salesman was working on a display of jewelry. Knowing that I wasn't looking for anything for me, I walked by, avoiding making 'eye contact' with the undoubtedly alluring items! Silly Jeff, browsing along behind me, stopped short and said something like 'did you see how sparkly these are?!'. Of course, I instantly sprang back to the case and, like a bower bird, was enthralled by a blue and silver ring. It fit! It wasn't even that costly! I couldn't wait for Christmas day--it is just too fun to have a cocktail ring to wear all season. It even goes well with a necklace I got on sale 2-3 years ago from Ann Taylor Loft that has blue, green and smoky 'stones'. I am keeping its tiny, pink box under the tree, even though it isn't often in there!

(I quite like this photo, even if it is yet another view of the dining room table!!)

It goes perfectly with my favorite nail polish of the moment, a dark navy blue.

After our little shopping spree, we went out to lunch in Newport at Crowley's Casino Pub, next to the Tennis Hall of Fame. We were seated in the 'porch', where we could bask in the sunbeams streaming in the windows and look out at the grass tennis court and pretty, old buildings. We had different kinds of burgers, both served on sourdough toast.

Back home again in the evening, I laid out some nibbles. I had to have some tea to wake me up before sipping the wine!

And we decorated the tree and put some roping on the stairway. Over the next few days, I will set out some of the other small trinkets here and there.

I think there are more ornaments than tree, but I quite like it smothered like that! I have to try not to find more ornaments I like as I already have to skip having any duplicates on the tree.


2paw said...

That's a beautiful ring!!! I love the little box too.
How wonderfully decorated your tree is, I think there are more decorations than tree too!!! It's a good way to be.

knitseashore said...

What a pretty ring! It sounds like you had the most wonderful day out!!