Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A View From the Barn and other Garden Updates

Yesterday, I decided to take some pictures of the garden from a different angle, looking out the upstairs door in the barn. I use the word 'upstairs' in a loose's more 'upladder'! This picture is shot down through the trapdoor in the floor.

Look how worn the old boards are. Just imagine all the feet that have tread here!

When you are upstairs, this is the view to the south. The odds and ends of furniture were here when we bought it. There are some bottles, old metal milk cans and two man saws, etc. that I'll photograph another time. The window broke and is boarded up for now. Fortunately there are light fixtures along the ridge line!

And this view is to the north. Excuse all the grime!! It needs a cleaning as there are still scraps of hay from who knows when???

There are mini trapdoors for dropping hay to the cows below, a feed shoot and a chicken door, but I will take pictures of those some other time. For now, I have posted a view of some little holes cut into the south end of the barn. There are 2 on each side of the window and must have been for pigeons or doves.

And this is the old hay door on the east wall. The old spade came with the barn. We still have the huge hay hooks too!

And here are the 'aerial' views of the garden and yard. It looks so wild! How ever do I walk through all that greenery?!

A wider shot showing some of the lawn/dog's play area.

Zoomed in a little. You can barely see the compost bin in the foreground!

Back on the ground, I took some more update pictures. Here are the sunflowers, etc.

I don't usually show this angle of the garden since I have some messy fences coiled up here. I stopped using the rabbit fence several years ago and didn't use the larger piece as a trellis this year, so they are in the way and getting rusty. I may just have to take them to the metal recycle bins. If you look closely at the barn, you can see the door I took the pictures from. Someday, we have to have stairs built to it. As a home inspector once said when we were buying the place, 'that first step's a doozy'!!

This is probably the most photographed angle of the garden! You can see my late-crop zukes and cukes growing in the foreground. Hopefully they will provide a last taste of summer just before we head into the fall!

These tall arching plants with trailing pink blooms are called 'Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate', but mine grow over the compost bin. Somehow, 'Kiss Me Over the Compost Bin' isn't quite so romantic!!

This is a pretty good shot of my tall variety of Balloon Flower, showing you how it gets the name.

I completely forgot I had planted some hardy gladioli, probably the first or second year we were here and was surprised to see them on the 'back' side of the house today when I walked all the way around the house. I almost missed them as they are going by!

This is a beautiful hydrangea on a 'shared' plant on the property line. I really love this shade of blue!


2paw said...

I have seen your barn but it never actually registered that you ahve a barn!! Wow, your garden looks so gorgeous from every angle!! That plant would be 'Kiss me over the weeds' at our house!!!

knitseashore said...

Your barn is living history; it would be neat if you have photos of it in past decades, to see the different features in use like the holes for the pigeons. Do you have any future plans for it?