Sunday, July 04, 2010

4th of July Garden Tour

Although it is a New England tradition to have your peas ready for the 4th of July, my peas were grown, picked and pulled out by July 2nd this year! It was a very early season for peas this year. Goodbye peas...I will miss them, but I would get tired of shelling them if the season was longer. Pea time is short and sweet!

Today, Jeff and I prepared some more plastic mulch and laid it out on the garden where the peas were. This will conserve the water from the drip lines under the plastic and suppress weeds.

The squashes to the left of the above picture will now have room to grow out across the mulch. Also, when these seedlings get their first true leaves, I will plant them in the new sections of mulch. They are my second crops of zukes, summer squash and cukes.

Here is my current cucumber patch, abutting a row of tomatoes. The tomatillos are in the background in the tomato cages.

I need to get to work on tying up tomatoes. You can see they vary in size, so I will have a staggered harvest. The smaller plants were started outside. They will produce just as well as the early, indoor started seedlings, but will ripen later.

This is the tomato 'annex'. I had some more room away from the main block of tomatoes. Plus, you can see the zinnias.

I love cosmos in the garden, particularly inter planted with eggplants, but also with summer squash.

A row of eggplants. There are some more in the mixed row to the left of the picture. There are some gaps to the right where I will fill in later with second crops of things.

This is a rather pretty speckled Romaine lettuce.

A baby butternut squash.

And, almost ripe acorn squash...yes, in early July...what am I going to do with winter squash in July?! Good thing I love it, LOL!

Ok, not a garden picture, but I had to add it. As I headed out to the garden to take the pictures, Bandit was in his cardboard cat house I recently made for him. He was sleeping with one back leg hanging out the door. Is this the cat equivalent to me sleeping with a leg out from under the covers?

Hope you enjoyed the garden visit! Happy 4th of July!!


2paw said...

I ahve enjoyed your garden tour and I am, as always, amaze at your gardening know-how and expertise!!
Such a cute leg!!

Lynne S of Oz said...

Wow, look at your vegie garden! I'm jealous :-)
My aunt Vera used to love shelling peas. Dunno why.