Friday, July 16, 2010

Rain and Steamy Heat

So, we did finally get some rain, mainly on the 14th. As you can see from the picture, it fell pretty hard! A lot rushed off as a river down the driveway. It did clean up the plants and give some things a growth spurt like the tomatillos. I know the flower beds benefited greatly too. The 4 o'clocks got knocked over, so I've driven in some stakes to support them. I may need to tie them up some too. The oldest string bean plants got quite flattened out too, but they will be ok. The humidity is still very high and I would like things to dry up a little so we don't get mildew or rot.

Some bird has been pulling up the youngest (3rd sowing) string bean plants and so that's going to be a rather spotty row!

I didn't pick for a couple of days while everything was soggy, but this morning I went out to get caught up. I had to throw some more giant zukes and summer squash in the compost bin, but there are plenty for eating too. And, 5-6 large cukes went in the compost too, but I picked enough nice ones for another batch of pickles!

I am keeping my eye on a lot of green tomatoes and one eggplant that is getting close to picking size. There are a couple of varieties of peppers ready or nearly ready too.

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Lynne S of Oz said...

Glad you got some good rain and things aren't too badly beaten down. It amazes me how quickly crops grow there.