Monday, July 05, 2010


The weekend fireworks displays around here have been like no others before! With fireworks stores and big fireworks racks even in the grocery store, because of a recent change in the laws, it seemed like everyone was lighting off impressive displays in addition to the town shows.

As a result, we had to stay home with the neurotic (Silas) dog who gets panicky at the pop sound of bubble wrap or a pan with water droplets on the outside of it heating on the stove. You can imagine his reaction to neighbors three doors in each direction launching fireworks and setting off crackers! Then, the big town fireworks started and shook the ground.

Other than the dogs' reaction, the fireworks are very fun to see. Even though we didn't get to a party closer to the display, we still got a glimpse of the town fireworks from our yard as you can see from the collage.

Plus, we got to see fireworks displays in the distance, across the Bay, and far to the horizon because the land is so flat here.

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