Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summery Eats, More Decorating, More Garden Pics

Saturday, I picked so many cucumbers in the garden that I set up to do two batches of pickles! Here are the results, 16 pints of Bread and Butter Pickles. Today, I picked enough cucumbers to do another (single) batch. We have already eaten some ourselves and I have mailed out some to family for a mid-summer treat.

The pickle juice makes a delicious potato salad. I like to whisk together some with Miracle Whip, finely chopped pickles, finely diced sweet onion (like Vidalia) and add the warm, chopped potatoes to that. When I have the stamina and it's not too hot, I also add chopped hard-boiled eggs, but it was too hot for that this time. Here is my latest potato salad alongside the slow cooker which was cooking up pulled pork. Other than picking some zukes to go alongside, dinner is made for a few days!

Over the weekend, in between the pickling stages, I managed to finish cleaning and arranging all of my new EB pottery. I thought I'd post a few more pictures now that the seconds marks are removed from the Hellebore plates, bowls and mugs.

The ivy/holly teapot is at home with some of my little xmas things.

The Hellebores take up most of the bottom shelf in my china cabinet.

We are already making use of it, especially those lovely pasta bowls!

It is so hot and dry in the garden that it's amazing the veggies are doing so well. Sometimes, I have to go pick things that have gotten ahead of me like cukes and zukes and stack them in the compost bin like cord wood!! I think it is thanks to the plastic mulch and the drip lines right at the base of the plants. Here is the vigorous cucumber patch that is providing us with so many pickles.

A view of the tomatoes which are all tied up for the time being. Still only green tomatoes...

String beans, flowers, gourds, pumpkins and squash.


Some jalapeno peppers ready for picking.

Eggplant, still just flowering, setting fruit.

I let a lot of my herbs 'go by' as I enjoy the flowers, like on this oregano.

It has been so dry for so long here. I checked the weather data for the last 2 months, May 13-July 13, and found we've only had 3.62 inches of rain in that time.

I'm not even sure we had that much as it fell as localized scattered showers and may have skipped over us here. This is the graph showing the distribution of the rainfall for the same time frame.

We may get some rain over the next couple of days, but it is predicted as localized 'heavy' rain and thunder storms. Not what I like. At all. This could make a mess of the garden and knock a lot of things over and erode the powdery soil. I miss the occasional gray summer day with steady light to medium rain that refreshed the air and kept the lawns and plants looking lush with a gentle, deep soaking. It seems like we only get all or nothing in recent years.


Kristen said...

Yum, that's a lot of pickles! Your garden is so healthy and productive.
We did finally get some rain this side of the bay, very heavy at times. I missed my bike ride this evening.

2paw said...

Oh your dinner (for a few days) looks so scrumptious!!! We have had lots of rain but we are still almost in drought. The weather is very strange.

knitseashore said...

When I visited the farmer's market this morning, I heard people talking about the fact that the hot weather has made everything ripe very early this year. I'm glad that despite the hot weather, we are not also dealing with a blight or pest invasion, at least not to my knowledge.