Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Please Advise...

Once again, I am wishing that knitting patterns included 'wrong side' pictures of the FO's! I am trying to combine intarsia and fair isle, as the pattern calls for. I have never done this before.

Is this more or less right???

Any help you can offer is most welcome! I really want to get on with this project! Thanks!

Edited to add:
Louisa herself =) commented on my Ravelry query about this and wrote:

Hi Sarah

I had a look at your blog pictures and it looks like you have the technique almost mastered (we are our own harshest critics). I would suggest weaving in the blue yarn stranded across the back of the hearts every 3 sts and ensure that you stretch the stitches on the needle opposed to bunching them up tightly. This should give you an even tension.
As a little tip, knit the sleeves first, this will allow you to get into the pattern/technique without having lots of stitches to contend with on the needles. Let me know how it goes….

I will weave in every 3 sts and try it on the real sweater now!


Lisette said...

Lucky you to get help from the Designer herself!

I am new to colorwork, too. I do find youtube videos are helpful, too!

Can't wait to see your sweater!

2paw said...

Wow, that's a lovely thing to happen. I think your heart looks lovely!!!