Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just Stranding...

I took along some car/travel knitting over the weekend, the most serious fair isle I've tackled to date. It is another Louisa Harding pattern called Flamingo.

When I swatched, I tried stranding, then stranding with weaving. Weaving seemed fussy for the runs of 6 sts at most, so I went with just stranding.

I'm not going to frog back at this point, but I really would like opinions on this. The longest floats are about 1.25 inches. Would you have caught the floats? How often?

I would like to get to a point where I am comfortable with fair isle knitting! I am an English style knitter, but I am working on my Continental for holding the second color. I am getting the hang of it, I think.

This is a learning process. I know my stitches may not be the most even I can do since I am making myself hold the yarns with two hands. I may also learn some tricks as I go, so I am not sure the entire thing will be 100% consistent, but any inconsistencies are most likely to be hidden in a seam anyway. Any advice is most welcome!


2paw said...

I can offer no advice, but a compliment on how lovely both sides of your knitting look. The Flamingo is so lovely, but is the model real or a dummy?? She looks ethereal!!

knitseashore said...

I wish I could help you but I've not done this type of knitting before. You might try posting a photo in the Louisa group on Ravelry, and see if anyone there can help?

It looks very even and consistent!