Sunday, September 19, 2010


We see many little goldfinches hanging around the garden. They have been particularly active lately, noisily flitting around and feeding on all the flowers that have gone to seed. They really seem to like the coneflowers. I have quite a few coneflower seed heads around the patio and was able to snap these two pictures out the window next to my computer.

The still lush leaves of morning glories are in the foreground, but there was enough of a gap in the leaves for me to see the goldfinch on the seed head just beyond. The yellowy leaves are the remains of the lilies.

The garden looks so messy this time of year, but I like to let things go by naturally so the birds have lots of treats.


2paw said...

What lovely photos and what pretty birds!!

knitseashore said...

So sweet! I hope to see them in my yard someday...they are so beautiful when they're that bright lemon yellow.