Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Autumnal Colors

There are still a few summer blooms in the garden, like pink geraniums, pink impatiens and two kinds of morning glories: blue and a ruffled pink. But there are now fall looking purple asters and a few different varieties of sunflowers. I picked a few to display in the house today.

I like the little hearts in the center of the sunflowers.

Do you see them in this detail? Sometimes they show up better, but this is what I happened to get a photo of.

Another view of the sunflower arrangement.

Uh Oh, is that more knitting? Yes, it's March Hare, a pretty bag knitted up the last couple of nights. Another item that needs finishing (and I have to find a handle/lining/buttons for it too). I have to do a major amount of blocking so I can get to some FO's! The trouble is, with new TV viewing (like the fantastic Inspector Lewis) I want to sit and watch while knitting something, not fussing over finishing details. Still, I should have some nice new finished things in October =)

Saffy got a new bed this week. It is a cushy mat with egg crate foam inside and fluffy fabric outside. She kicked away the towel so she could be directly on the soft fluff! She spun around with happiness at first.

Then settled down, but was still attentive in case there were more surprises. Eventually, she got arranged on her side and looked very comfortable.


2paw said...

I can see the little hearts, how amazing, I had never noticed that before!!
More clever knitting that you just whipped up??!!
Saffy looks so happy on her new bed. Aren't they funny the way they use their paws to arrange their beds?? I just love the expression on her face i the last photo, she is very cute!!!

knitseashore said...

I love that you can buy Saffy and Silas new beds to snuggle in. My cats won't use them; one only likes her trashed cardboard boxes.

Your new projects are looking so good; I hope you can get the finishing done soon so you can enjoy them.

And I'm loving the Inspector Lewis episodes. Can't believe we have only one left!

Lisette said...

Wow..you are on such a roll with your knitting!

Love all your colorwork projects and can't wait to see your bag finished!

Shiho said...

Saffy looks just the same as when I saw her for the first time. Looking good, girl.

Your knitting projects look great!
And the garden vegitables! Wow, I wish we had that much tomatos. Then I may get to eat some. The kids are eating most of our tomatos. ;-)