Monday, September 27, 2010

Dog Videos

We went to Maine over the weekend and I took a lot of pictures and some videos. I'll post the videos for now and try to post some pictures soon.

Saffy and Silas love to splash in the stream and explore the trees in the woods.

Silas had the chance to howl along with fiddles. He would wag his tail and look so excited every time someone even walked near where the fiddle was kept. He sounds a bit distressed in the video, but I'm pretty sure he's having a really good time!

It was Jeff's first time playing a fiddle. He did a good job playing the 'drone' to make it sound like a Scottish bagpipe!

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2paw said...

Silas was definitely speaking Labrador, Lorelai Gilmore wasn't sure whether to join in or be afraid of the noise, and Peri kept looking for the howling dog. They do love being in the little creek, Saffy and Silas looked to be having an awful lot of fun!!! All that mud and water!!!