Monday, July 21, 2008

A Week Goes By Fast

It's hard to believe I haven't posted in a week!! I have been so busy with fun things and getting quite a bit done...on everything but knitting!

Here is the (dismal) progress on the left front of my TdFKAL project.

In the yard, I've done a lot of weeding and mulching to make the patio area nicer since we are using it every day. Jeff picked out a great hanging basket plant to go on the shepherd hook. I might be late getting this stuff done, but you get great sales on plants this time of year!

Here's the hanging basket, a plant with delicate white blooms. (The chair cushions aren't out in this pic, I just put them out when we are using them, so they stay nice.)

And here's a glimpse of some of the mulch I have put down. It took quite a bit of work and several days to prepare the ground and then get the mulching done. I still have to do a little more along the barn and one side of the house!

Fortunately, it's not all work around here. We've been out to the movies with friends and went to another polo match with friends on Saturday. This time, the Newport Club was playing Ireland which is an especially popular match as there are quite a few people of Irish heritage living around here.

We got there an hour early and were still a row back from the edge of the field, but we had a really nice view down the field anyway. We spread out a blanket and our chairs, a basket of munchies and a cooler with drinks and our friends joined us a bit before the match started.

Here's Jeff reading the polo news.

Some of the play.

This time, we made sure to get up close to the rail at the end to give high fives to the riders as they galloped past on the ponies. It's fun to be that close!

The ponies really seem to love the game and are excited right to the end.

After the match, we played some Frisbee on the field to pass time before the prizes were awarded and while the traffic thinned out! It's a little chaotic with lots of people playing games and kids frolicking, but it's a good time.

We've been grilling daily and our friends came over for dinner after the polo. I have to say that the marinated chicken and marinated portabello and pepper recipes in the July/Aug issue of Everyday Food are great! I should have taken some pics of those things with the green and fruit salads and multi grain bread we had, but we were hungry and dug right in! To finish it off, we had some pies from the bakery down the road as I didn't want to have the oven on in the house for any baking. They were delicious apple/apricot and strawberry/rhubarb! So summery!

I did manage to snap a pic of tonight's dessert of vanilla ice cream, topped with strawberries, raspberries, kiwi and peaches and a generous amount of whipped cream!


knitseashore said...

It sounds like you had a terrific weekend! I've never seen a polo match before but it intrigues me. You are making more progress on your TdF sweater than I am -- it looks great!

michaeling said...
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Anonymous said...

sounds a great weekend!! I've been to a polo match at guard's club, it's so fun to watch.

I'm slow on my tdf knitting too, but your jumper is looking nice anyway and your patio looks fab ;)

2paw said...

My progresss has been far nors disaml than yours!! I love your house and garden. It is so different to what we see here. Love the dessert. I have a kiwifruit vine in my garden. It is VERY old and the fruit is tough skinned and small!!

madalyn said...

What a great weekend you had!

I'm so far behind on my weeding, mulching, and planting this year, too. And since it's not one of my favorite activities anyway, there's already that little voice in my head that's saying "do you really need to do it at all? It's almost August, afterall..." :-P