Monday, July 07, 2008

Tour de France KAL Knitting Begun

I'm making some progress and am liking the Mirage fiber. Despite its appearance, it's hardly splity at all! I've started with the jacket back section and gotten far enough that you can start to see what the yarn looks like knitted up. This will be a nice cool fabric to wear during the summer.

The lower back section.

A bit of the rice stitch border.

So far, this Bergere de France pattern is well written, but it is a very simple top, so there isn't much to the pattern. Typically, if I get confused about a pattern it is at the neckline, but that is a ways off at the moment. I'll keep you posted about it.


madalyn said...

Your TDFKAL project is looking good!

Kristen said...

The fabric looks wonderful. I'm partial to black & white tweedy mix.

2paw said...

I like your positive attitude!!! The wool (I call everything wool really, we do that here, we even say acrylic wool sometimes!!)looks so nice knitted up.

knitseashore said...

You are off to a great start!

Alison Boon said...

Like the pattern.