Sunday, July 13, 2008

Butterfly Season

I will try not to run out of steam on the KAL knitting, but I am so easily distracted from it. I can spend a lot of time just following butterflies around the yard! I managed to get a couple of pictures of a monarch today, drinking from a purple cone flower.

Btw, the green in the background is the Casa Blanca which is still forming buds.

We have so many butterflies around now that their favorite plants are blooming.


heather t said...

very nice butterfly photos!

sloth-knits said...

I like the photos! I had thought monarchs only went for milkweed...or is that the caterpillars?

Devorah said...

It is great that you have a butterfly garden! What a cool way to spend some time.

knitseashore said...

Beautiful photos -- have you thought about printing them and framing them for your walls? I think they'd look great!

My TdF project is going abysmally slowly.