Thursday, July 10, 2008

DIY Barn Door Project

Excuse the buckets and piles of debris in the foreground, here's a picture of our new barn door, almost installed!

Jeff is going to work on the spring tension a bit more and put the handles on the outside.

This was a pretty big project and I'm so happy to have it nearly done. Between the pressure washed siding and the new door, the old barn is looking pretty good! It predates our 1920's house as it was actually moved from the neighbor's property when the house was built. Sometime I'll have to take pictures for you of the chicken door, the feed shoot and the little trapdoors in the upstairs floor for dropping the hay down to the cows. I love those little bits of history in it.

Next, I have to work on my 'potting shed' area inside, so it will be ready for next season.


Tracey said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!
Yes, I sure do love my new fountain!!
I love your blog. Your flowers are beautiful. I especially love the Peony....can't grow them here.
Love your dogs too! Take care :)

Devorah said...

You have a real barn?! Yeah, us city kids are easily awed.