Thursday, December 13, 2007


We're getting the first accumulated snow of the season. Jeff came home early and we played with the dogs in the snow. They *love* snow!

Jeff happens to be wearing one of my grandmother's hats.

Saffy likes soccer games the best in the snow since the ball slides around easier. She makes us both play with her. She likes to try to steal the ball away from us and then wants us to try to get it away from her.

She's really good at this game!

Silas has yet to figure out how to play soccer, but he has fun too.


Kristen said...

Dogs are so cute in the snow!

Curly Cable said...

Oh what lovely pictures, Saffy and Silas are just so cute and looks like you all had a fun time in all that snow :)

2paw said...

Saffy and Silas look so funny, with that snow on their noses!! They obviously really like it!!! The weather here is the exact opposite!!