Monday, December 10, 2007

A Good Day to Stay Cozy on the Couch

I'm having a really low energy sort of day. It's dark and rainy out and just cold enough that the rain freezes on everything in a pretty glaze.



and a back corner of our yard.

Other than taking the dogs out to play and snap the pictures, I've stayed in with my knitting, working on Christmas gifts. When I've needed to rest my fingers I've looked though two new pattern books I got yesterday at Sakonnet Purls. Jeff and I were out doing chores and both felt like a little drive in the country rather than heading straight home, so I suggested a route that 'just happened' to go by the yarn shop ;) Well, as soon as I walked in I saw the RYC Classic Tweed book I've been longing for. And Coast has appealed to me for some time too, so I figured 'why not' what with it being the holiday shopping season!

I might just attempt a first ever DH sweater from Classic Tweed. He likes the yarn colors pictured, so I will look into getting those. It would be a good project for '08.


Anonymous said...

Nice side trip. ;-) Good luck with the DH sweater!
Here we only had rain, but it was icy enough at my school for a 2-hour delay. Kristen (audioknits)

Curly Cable said...

Good on you for arranging your ride out, to just happen to pass a yarn store :) I love the books you purchased, I must get those soon. Good luck with DH sweater, like you say, will be a fab project for 2008

knitseashore said...

Please.send.coast.soon. Must.get.sun. :)