Thursday, December 06, 2007

Decorating, Naughty Dogs, Complaining about the Cold

We put a Maine blue spruce wreath on the door yesterday that we received from Jeff's family. We have some 'Charlie Brown' style lights on the front porch, but I still haven't put up the tree!

Who do you think chewed up a cardboard box this morning? I held up the soggy evidence and asked them and they both looked guilty.

They probably think they are practicing for opening presents on Christmas morning, but I told them that Santa won't bring them any presents if they keep acting so naughty. I'm sure they quickly forgot their lesson of 'Thou shalt not take from and make a mess of the paper recycling bin'.

On our morning outing, Saffy quickly made a nest in the leaves and began chewing up sticks.

Silas worked at chewing another branch.

I don't know why they are even more interested in chewing than usual. Do you suppose it is something to do with the cold, wintry weather?

While the dogs happily played, I froze, despite layers of clothing and some mittens my grandmother made me with her yarn scraps. They are lined with quilted material for additional warmth.

Our temperatures have been 10 or more degrees below normal and I am not enjoying it!


Ina said...

Naughty dogs, nice mittens! May we see the inside liner? Somehow I'd never thought of lining mittens, but it seems like a good idea.

knitseashore said...

Do you like to do a real tree or artificial? Hopefully the dogs are used to it. We have the artificial one this year and so far, the cats are OK.

The mittens are really pretty! It's way too cold outside. I'm glad I finished my shopping!