Friday, December 07, 2007

Mitten Lining

For Ina and others who may be interested in how my grandmother adds a lining to her mittens. Here's a picture of the inside of the mitten I posted about yesterday.

You can buy or even recycle some quilted material and cut it into a couple of panels for each side of the mitten which you then stitch in place with a matching thread.

This simple technique makes the mittens very warm and blocks the wind a bit too! I think it's also good when you've been carrying a lot of colors across the back of your work as it prevents your fingers from catching on any 'carries' when you pull the mittens on. And, it helps keep the shape over time.

My grandmother is 94 years old and thinks her knitting is not good lately, but I still love when she makes things for me.


Ina said...

Thanks, that's brilliant. Please tell your grandmother that she's an inspiration on the Internet!

madalyn said...

That's ingenious! It would also protect rings from getting caught in the yarn!

Devorah said...

How clever. I think I may have to borrow that idea. You have a wonderful grandma!

knitseashore said...

That is such a great idea for keeping hands warm. Does your grandmother know she's now famous?