Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Bike Rides

The weather Friday was perfect. Warm sunshine and cool, dry air. I had a wonderful 31 mile bike ride and paused along my route to watch these polo ponies. I had to take some pictures. It was like a Stubbs horse painting come to life! They are beautiful horses with their roached manes showing off graceful necks.

Mainly they grazed, but one rolled and then there was a bit of play between a few.

There are international polo matches once a week in the summer, so this must be someone's string of ponies for competition.

This one was watching the antics of a llama off in the distance.

And here's an example of a Stubb's painting.

Saturday, Jeff and I set out for a 20 mile loop ride, but I had a rear tire flat at about 13 miles. Good news is that I changed it myself and it was actually pretty easy. Bad news is that a little piece of glass wrecked an almost new tire! I was able to boot it with some Park's sticky patches and get home, but we only did 16.68 miles in all. Fortunately that was long enough to give me a total for this week of 204.52 miles! It was pretty cool to crack 200.

Sunday, with an old tire on the back for the time being, we did 32.64 miles and I crossed 3,000 miles for the year! I should have had the the camera with me as it was such a nice day. The clouds were very fall-like with white tops and dark gray undersides. We saw a huge cruise ship in Newport harbor and later a pretty hawk flew in front of us. This is really the best time of year for cycling!


suitcaseofcourage said...

Great pics as per usual.

And I'd suggest changing out that tube, rather than relying on the patch. I know you know how I know.

ya know?


Kristen said...

Beautiful horse photos. I'm not familiar with Stubbs but his bucolic paintings look familiar.

Christina said...

I love the horse photos. You've really been racking up the mileage, well done. My bike is finally down the shop being fixed, so I should be back out on the road soon. I like the look of your new bike!!