Wednesday, September 12, 2007

'Recovery' Ride

After a couple of rainy days in a row since my century ride, I finally got back out on my bike today! I took it easy, but felt like I could have ridden all day and did a 33 mile route. I stopped to take a picture of the surf at Brenton Point. I was misted by the sea spray as I rode along.

Later, I rode down a lane to a local vineyard and stopped to admire this old tree, the view of grapevines and the Sakonnet River in the distance. (The tops of the vines are just barely visible along the bottom of the pic and the Sakonnet is the bit of blue to the lower right.)

It was a beautiful day. After the long drought we've had it felt like the rain had refreshed and cleaned everything. It was great to be back on the bike and feeling refreshed myself after my big ride. Today's ride was a solo one and I actually love the meditative experience of riding alone sometimes. However, it will be fun to ride with friends tomorrow on one of our weekly club rides!

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Suzie Sews said...

So impressed, I have not riden a bike for so long, my bike (a Ralley shopper) sits all longingly in the garage just waiting for that day I take a trip...I guess it has a long wait ahead.
Suzie Sews