Sunday, September 09, 2007

102.77 Miles in 6 Hours and 1 Minute

Despite being sick for the past week and half and doing less biking than we would have liked during August and the beginning of September, we managed to ride our first century and even did a little better pace than we had hoped for.

Event: NBW Flattest Century in the East
Distance: 102.77
Time: 6 hours 1 minute
Average Speed: 17.1 mph
Total Rest Time: 24 minutes 51 seconds (at the check points)

After packing all the sugary energy food I showed in the last post, I hardly ate any of it! Before the ride, I had breakfast of shredded wheat. During the ride I had 1 larabar, 2 gatorades, water and at the end of the ride I had an orange slice and some grapes. Maybe I could have been a little faster with some more fuel, but I just didn't really feel like my stomach could take it. Jeff, in contrast, ate the whole ride!

Here is a map of the route. We'd done many parts of it before, but never put it all together like this!

It's called 'The Flattest Century in the East', but there are still some hills as you can see in this elevation profile. The total elevation was about 4,677 feet.

Here is a graph showing our speed (mph) during the ride.

We almost forgot to take pictures at the end! Here's Jeff! He'd already gotten out of his cycling shoes. I'd already loaded my bike in the truck.

Here I am with my tee shirt that I can wear like a dress!

And here I am a little less manic looking and more smiley.


Kristen said...

Holy Cow! That must be some sort of speed record. Good for you!

Devorah said...

Go girl! 6 hours. Wow! Congratulations. Now go drink and eat some more!

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Christina said...

wow, well done on all that cycling. I can't ride my bike at the moment, as DH has trashed it when trying to fix the front derailleur :(

And you've been so busy knitting, I love the wrist warmers and the t-shirt.