Tuesday, September 04, 2007

FO, New Project, Much Anticipated Books

Anytime I finish a pair of anything I’m relieved! It’s so hard for me to get to a second sock, glove or sleeve. I've gotten so I'll usually knit them at the same time, but I made the wrist warmers one at a time and was worried about getting to the second one. At last, here is the mate for the formerly lonely left wrist warmer! These are warm and cozy and I’m planning to wear them a lot this fall!

I've also gotten to work on the shaped lace tee. This is the back in progress, about an inch and a half from where I'll start the decreases for the armhole shaping. The yarn is wonderful and the pattern has been easy to work from so far.

The vine lace pattern makes a pretty trim. Here's a detail pic.

I am looking forward to some new books coming out soon. Next week, I should be able to find the latest Peter Robinson book at stores! The Inspector Banks stories are my favorite mystery series. I will try as usual to make this book last several days, but I always end up reading them in just a day or two as they are too good to put down!

One of my favorite cookbook authors, Nigella Lawson, has a new book coming out at the beginning of November. I'm really looking forward to seeing the quick and easy recipes she has to offer.

Thanks so much for all the positive comments on my Krim Tomato top! Also for the well wishes. I still have the cold, but I guess the upside is that I've had some quiet time for knitting while trying to get better.


knitseashore said...

Your wristwarmers look great! I hope that means fall won't come for a while yet.

I'm glad you are feeling a little better and I hope you can get back to riding soon.

Kristen said...

The bobbly wrist warmers are pretty, and the tee looks great in the Cascade Sierra. You are speeding right along with your knitting! Enjoy the reads as your cold abates.

2paw said...

Oh the wrist warmers look great!! I just cast on for the Shaped Lace Tee this afternoon!!! I am only up to the edging, but how Freaky Friday!!! There are some Nigella Express recipes here:
Watch Nigella and then you can make some of the recipes right now!!!!

Curly Cable said...

The Wrist warmers are fab, lovely colour too. You've worked well on the lace tee, it is looking super. I glad to hear you feeling a little better and making use of the rest time. Knitting is the best medicine of all ;)

Queen of the froggers said...

The lace is lovely on the top and I like the wristwarmers colours!
I might have to take a look at that Nigella book. I hate cooking if it takes too long! I have a couple of her other books, the cake one is my favourite!

Lynne said...

Isn't it nice to finish something? Especially when so many other things are calling your name :-)
Nigella is pretty well known in Oz, especially since she knows how to boil eggs properly! LOL
Krim looks good, does it look even better on?