Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Recent Bike Rides

I’m starting to push myself to ride harder! Jeff and I did a longer ride on Sunday to test our stamina. We rode a total of 51.45 miles at an average speed of 16.7 mph. You can see a map and stats from the ride here.

Our ride went past marshes with wading herons, dunes and beaches covered with rocks from the recent storm surge. Other parts of the ride went uphill to open farmlands and followed winding roads through dense woodlands.

Jeff lost his chain on this long hill, so while he stopped to fix it, I pedaled slowly and took out my camera to snap a few pics while rolling. This is a working dairy farm and the cows were all lined up by the barn waiting to be milked.

Sometimes there are breaks in the woodlands for little pastures framed by stonewalls, like this one with some grazing sheep.

We ended our ride with hot fudge sundaes at Gray's Ice Cream. The sugar boost was just what we needed!

The next day, we did a 21 mile ride around Conanicut at an average speed of 18 mph. All the details about this ride are here. Near the start of our route, three deer crossed in front of us and we had to brake hard to stay out of their way! We rode past the osprey nest and I could just see the back of one of the birds sitting on the nest. You get a much better view from the webcam!

Having biked 100 miles in the last three days, I should take a day to rest, but this evening we have a club ride, so I will have to wait until tomorrow to 'recover'. I'm not sure yet if I will do a slow ride or take the day off. I guess it will depend on the weather.

I've started to put links to some of my more interesting ride stats on my sidebar under 'My Cycling Stuff', so check that out once in awhile!


Kristen said...

That area is beautiful for a bike ride. Yay, Gray's Ice Cream! But you didn't stop in at Sakonnet Purls too? It must have been closed!

Devorah said...

Thanks for sharing. The area looks beautiful! How can we identify you during the 5-boro bike tour? I got clearance to ride it as long as I take it easy. Not hard when you have to ride at the speed of a 9 year old.

Debby said...

Sheep! That is one of my very favorite places to ride ever. I am so itching to get out there, and stop at SP too (one of my very favorite knitting shops ever)!