Monday, May 21, 2007

Sunday Shopping

One must have 'rewards' for finishing a project, right?!

Yesterday, there was too much rain for our bike ride. What's the best thing to do on a rainy day? Shop, of course!

I bribed Jeff with the promise of ice cream, he brought a book to read and we set off around mid afternoon. We headed to the scenic town of Little Compton, Rhode Island. First, we stopped at Peckham's Greenhouse for seedlings. I haven't found a website for them, but this is my favorite garden shop in the area. It's just off the main road in Little Compton. Jeff helped me pick out vegetable seedlings for the garden.

Next, I went to Sakonnet Purls for pattern books and yarn while Jeff patiently waited outside and read his book. This is a fantastic yarn shop and is where the southern New England knitting bloggers will meet in June (thanks to Kristen for planning this)! I planned to get at least one RYC pattern book as I think they are so wonderful, especially Classic Coast, Classic Nature and Classic Summer from which I am making 'Cara' (it was published in an issue of Simply Knitting UK and I've been following the pattern from that). I ended up deciding to buy Classic Summer this time.

It has several patterns I like and I thought I would pick yarn for one. There were not enough balls in the first two colors I picked, a plum and a gorgeous light blue. So, thinking of Project Spectrum and inspired by the color of a top in the book, I chose a shade of pink. It's Cashsoft DK by RYC in shade 520.

I guess I'm indecisive today as I'm not sure which picture I like best of the yarn, so here are three I took! I'll let you decide which you like best!

A yarn still-life in the bread basket on my dining room table.

A detail of the yarn.

Here's one for Project Spectrum! The pink yarn with a green glass vase.

Are you curious to see what I'm planning to make? It's called 'Tea Time'! (I'll be able to photograph all the stages of knitting alongside some of my tea cups!)

I'm using a slightly different yarn and color than in the pattern calls for, but I think it will work out well.

So, after about 40 minutes at SP, I finally had a pattern and yarn and I'd still only checked out one room of the store! I quickly perused the other room where I picked out a copy of Rowan Summer Tweed, so I will have a pattern for the lilac tweed in my stash. I'll probably knit the v-neck, long sleeve top shown in green.

An hour later, Jeff was still in a good mood, and we went to Gray's for the much anticipated ice cream and had our favorite hot fudge sundae's with black raspberry ice cream. So delicious!!

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