Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Project Spectrum: Green, Pink, Yellow

This blog is overdue for another Project Spectrum post! Here are various pics from around the house and yard this morning.

I started in the kitchen with my favorite green colander, a pretty pink tin and garden tea tray.

The bleeding heart is in bloom next to the barn.

The apple blossoms are just opening.

This is 'peppermint' ground phlox.

Little yellow roses.

Using a yellow labrador as organic weed control isn't terribly effective, but Saffy tries to help by biting the heads off dandelions.

After all the 'hard work' of weeding, Saffy enjoys a rest in one of our green lawn chairs.

And, this is the logo for the Giro d'Italia cycling race that started on Saturday. It will run for 21 days and you can follow it here.


Debby said...

What beautiful flowers! Your garden must look amazing.

2paw said...

Oh I have that exact same colander!!!! Who would have guessed??? It's a hard job, weeding the garden, no wonder Saffy needs a rest. I hope there was a drink with a straw and some sandwiches as well, and possibly a parasol!!! Spring has certainly arrived in your garden!!

Greeley said...

Have to love a race with a pink jersey!

Kristen said...

Beautiful pinks, greens, and yellows. I love the shot of Saffy enjoying the dandelions!