Monday, April 23, 2007

Summery Weather!

Saturday, I had to ask, what happened to spring? The weather changed overnight from cold and raw to *hot*! Jeff and I decided it was time to get some summer bike kit, so we went on a drive to a few bike shops and found quite a bit of gear (some was even on sale!). I got a day-glow vest, jersey and a light blue skirt with built in bike shorts! That will be nice for a change from my usual black shorts. Here's a pic of Jeff in his new summer jersey, shorts and socks.

Sunday, Debby and Chris had invited us to join a ride with the Southern CT Cycling Club in Chester. That is a hilly, largely wooded area with quaint villages complete with white meeting houses, town centers with bakeries and coffee shops, picture perfect old houses and outlaying farms with horses and cows basking in the sun. In addition to all that, there are lovely bubbling, rock strewn streams everywhere you look and many waterfalls like this one near the start of our bike ride.

Near Chester, in the town of Essex, there is a fascinating train museum with this steam engine on display as well other cars and accessories like an enormous snow plow for the front of an engine. Here's Jeff standing next to the engine for scale.

A closer view of all those moving parts.

A detail of the front.

This week, I'm planning to continue my spring cleaning around the house. Fortunately, I've finished getting rid of things for now, so I can concentrate on organizing the things I'm going to keep!

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